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Towards a Greener Trafford

“With the beat and turn of a single wing, we can each have the power to shift and switch the direction and swoop of the whole flock”. Photo: (Daniel Biber / SWNS)

How does change happen? From the bottom up or the top down? We all know that we need to change our behaviour to reduce our carbon footprint and limit the impact of climate change. We know it’s an emergency. But what are we going to do? The first lockdown of 2020 gave us an insight
into how quickly we can change if we need to. How peaceful and quiet our roads can become if we put our mind to it. But how do we make these changes permanent?

I am sure that most of us would prefer all children to be able to walk or cycle to school. What are the barriers to this? The roads are too busy. We don’t feel it is safe. We think we haven’t got time in the morning to walk them there. How do we overcome these obstacles? We would work with schools to produce a School Travel Plan to aim for all children to get to school by walking, cycling or public transport.

Every mile of every journey is greener by public transport, with each passenger accounting for a huge reduction in emissions by passenger/mile. Before the pandemic, 5.8 million people were travelling regularly by bus. We must invest in our fleet of buses to ensure that more services are available with greener vehicles and fairer ticketing.

The council has 3 spheres of influence:

1 – Direct– offices, council homes, operations, procurement
2 – Indirect – planning policy, standards, licensing
3 – Leadership by example – communities and partnerships

The Lib Dems you have elected to Trafford Council are using their influence to lead campaigns on issue such as air pollution and single use plastics. We champion improvements in flood defences, the cycle network and electric charging points. The more Councillors we have the more we can achieve. We would like to take inspiration from other councils around the country who have reduced their carbon emissions. Trafford emissions are currently tonnes. We would break this down and set targets for reduction in emissions.

We would split our efforts into 6 areas – homes, other buildings, waste, trees, transport, other emissions.

A Liberal Democrat administration would be the greenest that Trafford has ever had. We would:

  • Generate more green energy and promote environmentally friendly energy consumption
  • Support community groups to promote behavioural change to reduce reliance on fossil fuels
  • Track, maintain and improve air quality
  • Make bin lorries as environmentally friendly as possible
  • Install electric vehicle charging points at council offices
  • Tackle fly tipping
  • Fully consider environmental impact on new transport routes
  • Establish “zero carbon communities” and provide grants for community projects which support this aim

Vote Lib Dem and come on the journey with us…

posted: 13th Feb 2021